4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Take Ukulele Lessons

Here's 4 reasons why you should take Ukulele Lessons:

Ukuleles are really undervalued instruments. They don't get enough credit. We at Miss Emily's Music School believe that everyone should own at least one ukulele and know how to play it. (Bonus points if you sign up for ukulele lessons!)

1) They're inexpensive.
     You can get a decent ukulele for less than $40. The more expensive ones are under $200. This make the ukulele one of the cheapest instruments. You can find ukuleles online through Amazon or through our favorite music store, Manning Music.

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2) They're easy to learn.
     A ukulele only has four strings which makes it really easy to learn. Once you learn a couple of chords, you can pretty much play any song you want. This makes ukulele lessons so much fun because you can play your favorite songs from day one! It’s so easy, a dog could play one! :) 

ukulele lessons manhattan ks

3) They're cute and whimsical.

Ukuleles come in awesome shapes and sizes. It's my goal in life to have a wall with a rainbow of ukuleles. Ukuleles are very small too which means they're easy to carry. Take one camping to play with around the campfire or take one to the beach. 

ukulele lessons manhattan ks

4) They're a gateway "drug".
Once you fall in love with the ukulele (and you will fall in love), you will want more instruments in your life! Most people pick up the guitar after learning the ukulele. Learning the ukulele first gives you the confidence to pursue other instruments. Ukulele Lessons are a great option for beginners.

ukulele lessons manhattan ks

If you're looking for ukulele lessons in the Manhattan, KS area, click HERE. to check out Miss Emily’s Music School!

If you're in the Manhattan, Kansas area and are looking to purchase a ukulele, our favorite music store is Manning Music.