4 Music Game Apps Your Child Will LOVE!


Is your child spending a little too much time on screens and not enough time on their instrument?
Why not combine the two?

Thankfully, it’s 2019 and we have amazing technology at our disposal. Music lessons and at-home practice don’t have to be boring!
We’ve put together a list of our student’s favorite music apps so that you can get your child “practicing” in a fun way!

1. Rhythm Swing - $3.99
Rhythm Swing is a great rhythm game for any music student. The game starts of slow with basic quarter note rhythms, then works it’s way up to difficult Boss rounds. Players are responsible for making sure the rhythm monkey swings to safety and doesn’t drop into the alligator’s mouth (we swear it isn’t as gruesome as it sounds).

2. NoteRush - $4.99
NoteRush has replaced flashcards in our music school. This interactive game shows the player a note and the player has to play the same note on their instrument. The game can hear if you played the right note or not. Keep trying to beat your fastest time! You can customize your game so that you’re playing notes you know instead of ALL of the notes. There’s even fun backgrounds like sports and holiday themes.

3. Minecraft - $6.99
Whaaattttt? Yes, you can make music in Minecraft! This game is great for composing and ear training. Tell your kids to use red stone and note blocks to see if they can recreate Mary Had a Little Lamb within the game. (WARNING: You’re definitely going to get Cool Parent Points for this.) Once they’ve done that song, have them recreate some of the songs they worked on when they first started lessons.

4. Piano Maestro - Free version available - $11.99/month - (or possibly free with your music teacher)
Piano Maestro is hands down our favorite app out there. It’s only available on iPads, but it’s worth getting an iPad for. This sight-reading games shows the student a song and can hear if they are playing the correct notes or not. There’s a TON of music available. Most standard method books are on the app along with contemporary songs and video game theme songs. It’s called Piano Maestro but i can work with pretty much any instrument. Your teacher can assign homework, write practice notes, and track how much time you spent playing. At our music school, Piano Maestro is free for all all students to use at home.

Be the cool parent, and download one of these games for your music-loving child today. If you’re in the Manhattan, KS area and are interested in starting your child in music lessons (and want to get Piano Maestro access for FREE!) check out Miss Emily’s Music School.