So you saw an ad…

“That kid sure looks happy!” “How is it possible to have fun in music lessons?”
Did you take lessons as a kid? Was it boring or even traumatizing?
Have you heard the horror stories of the piano teacher that would slap a student’s hands with a ruler?
We get it! We had the SAME experiences.
That’s why Miss Emily’s Music School’s number one goal is to have FUN!

Our Process-
- Make music lessons fun so that kids fall in love with music lessons.
- Loving music lessons means students play the piano (or practice) without it being a chore.

Our School-
-Fun and Games at every lesson.
- Technology in lessons and at home.
- Frequent Concerts
- Musical Therapy Dogs
- Piano
-Rock Bands

KidzRock! - Ages 4-7
Deluxe Lessons - Ages 8+
Group Lessons - Ages 8+
Rock Band 101- Ages 8+ Level 2

Those scary music teacher still exist, but you won’t find them at Miss Emily’s Music School!
Check it out for yourself. Our interview lessons are FREE with a pet supply donation for the Junction City/Geary County Animal Shelter!

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