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Music Lessons your kids will thank you for.

Music Lessons
Manhattan, KS

“That kid sure looks happy!” “How is it possible to have fun in music lessons?”
Did you take lessons as a kid? Was it boring or even traumatizing?
Have you heard the horror stories of the piano teacher that would slap a student’s hands with a ruler?
We get it! We had the SAME experiences.
That’s why Miss Emily’s Music School’s number one goal is to have FUN!

Our Process-
- Make music lessons fun so that kids fall in love with music lessons.
- Loving music lessons means students play their instrument (or practice) without it being a chore.

Our School-
-Fun and Games at every lesson.
- Technology in lessons and at home.
- Frequent Concerts
- Musical Therapy Dogs
- Piano
-Rock Bands

KidzRock! - Ages 4-7
Deluxe Lessons - Ages 8+
Group Lessons - Ages 8+
Rock Band 101- Ages 8+ Level 2

Those scary music teacher still exist, but you won’t find them at Miss Emily’s Music School!
Check it out for yourself. Our interview lessons are FREE with a pet supply donation for the Junction City/Geary County Animal Shelter!