Ukulele Lessons in Manhattan KS

Ukulele Lessons

Has your child wanted to learn the ukulele thanks to Grace VanderWaal?

The ukulele has become a trendy instrument and you want your child to be cool!
Parents are signing their children up for ukulele lessons because the ukulele is a fun and compact instrument to add to their little musician’s skill set.

It’s a common misconception that a student should take ukulele lessons before taking guitar lessons but we do not believe in this! We want students starting with the instrument they WANT to learn.

At Miss Emily’s Music School, we believe in helping students fall in love with ukulele lessons first so that “practice” happens naturally at home without it being a chore. All students learn to play music they enjoy and play fun ukulele games at every lesson. We believe in playing the ukulele - not practicing it. By making music lessons fun and removing the practice stigma, our students end up “practicing” naturally. Parents love Miss Emily’s Music School because their children play the ukulele at home because they WANT to. No tears included!

We are located in Manhattan, KS and offer Group Piano Lessons and Deluxe Piano Lessons for students ages 7+. Click HERE to learn more about each lesson type. Have a child that’s 4-7 years old and loves guitar? Don’t start with ukulele lessons, get them started with guitar right away in KidzRock!

Do you want your kids to thank you for signing them up for ukulele lessons one day?
Click the button below to sign up for an interview ukulele lesson!

Full of ideas and backing that with hands-on experience, kids and adults alike will reach goals beyond what they thought they were capable of. Miss Emily’s Music School is always coming up with something new to keep lessons engaging and full of life.
— Barbara G. Manhattan, KS