Voice Lessons

 Have you ever heard your child REALLY belt out a song and think to yourself “Man, my kid can SING!”?

Have you ever heard your child really belt out a song and think to yourself “Man, my kid it tone deaf!”?

Don’t worry. Everyone can sing. Tone deafness is a lie.

Maybe you should put them in voice lessons? What do voice lessons even look like?

Here at Miss Emily’s Music School, we want your child to love their music lessons so that “practice” happens naturally at home without being a chore. Our voice students learn to sing their favorite songs safely and develop their vocal skills. We use fun and technology as much as possible!

Located in Manhattan, KS we offer Group Voice Lessons (mini Glee Clubs) and Deluxe Voice Lessons for students ages 8+. Once they hit Level 2, they can add on Rock Band 101 and sing with their very own band! Click HERE to learn more about each lesson type.

Have a child that is 4-7 years old and loves to sing? Check out KidzRock!
Are you an adult that wails some killer songs in the shower? We have voice lessons for you too!

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